Our Peak Power team members are experts in exercise physiology with unparalleled knowledge and experience in understanding the integrated physiological responses to exercise and how this relates to physical conditioning through training. 

Our highly educated team members deliver innovative training based on gold standard physiological testing. We are one of the best equipped centres in Western Canada utilizing technology that is typically only available to elite athletes and research labs at large Universities. 

Peak Power holds a master agreement with the Calgary Board of education for both on- site and off-site service provision. Over the last two decades, we have adapted and refined our mobile high school labs, as well as the programs we offer in our state-of-the- art exercise physiology lab in Calgary, to meet the needs and budgets of Alberta schools. 

Our goal is to inspire and encourage your students through a positive learning experience, while also empowering and equipping you with knowledge you can use to invest in your students and program the most effective way possible. 

Please contact us at michael@sportdevelopment.com to discuss how we can customize an experience for your sport performance class.


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