Functional Movement Testing

  • JUMP Testing including Hawkins Dynamics Force Plates Mobile Lab

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA)

JUMP Testing

Hawkins Dynamics Force Plates

Our force plate technology measures over 50 different aspects of your jump in just 0.2 seconds. The Hawkins Dynamics Force Plate system allows our coaches to gather data from plyometric movements in an instant. The force plates allow us to measure limb asymmetry and how it pertains to performance. This allows to measure takeoff forces and force production, as well as impact during landing to make sure that your jump is optimal and to make training corrections to ensure athletes aren't are going to be susceptible to potentially season- or career-ending injuries. Some of the metrics recorded include:

  • Jump Height
  • System Weight
  • Peak Landing Force (Left and Right)
  • Peak Velocity
  • L/R Average Takeoff Force

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS is a ranking and scoring system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS identifies functional limitations and asymmetries which can reduce training effects, diminish physical conditioning and distort body awareness. The scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore proper movement patterns and increase mobility as well as stability throughout the body. 

The FMS utilizes simple language, making it easy for individuals, exercise professionals, and physicians to communicate clearly about progress and treatment.

Evaluation - The screen identifies asymmetries and limitations, diminishing the need for extensive testing and analysis.

Standardization - The FMS creates a functional baseline to mark progress and provides a means to measure performance.

Safety - The FMS quickly identifies dangerous movement patterns so that they can be addressed. It also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved.

Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA)

The MPA is a series of static and dynamic functional tests used to identify and quantify imbalances in active movement patterns that are key to normal function.

This screen utilizes Dartfish technology and is only available at Peak Power.

Increase your performance and reduce your risk of injury by identifying :

  • muscular imbalances around major joints.
  • movement limitations.
  • potential symptoms of upper and lower cross syndrome.

Individuals benefit from an MPA:

  • Post-physiotherapy/chiropractic rehabilitation
  • Recovering from a sedentary lifestyle
  • Initiating a new exercise program
  • Supplementing a current exercise program
  • Training for competitive or recreational purposes

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