Introductory Weightlifting Clinic (2 hours)

Introduce Olympic lifting to beginners with limited or no prior experience.
This clinic also benefits independent lifters in need of a technique tune-up.

Learn basic techniques involved with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.
Learn supplementary exercises to improve technique.

Booked Privately, contact us to set up a clinic.
2 hour training and instructional clinic (can be divided into two 1 hour sessions):

Session 1 - Snatch
Session 2 - Clean & Jerk

Powerlifting Clinics

Peak Power has one of the leading Powerlifting facilities in Canada to go along with its world-class equipment and coaching. Peak Power's Powerlifting clinics are designed in a progressive manner to ensure the development of optimal technique and skill. Clinics focus on developing strength in the three lifts of Powerlifting: Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift.

Coach: Michael Souster MSc, BKin (Hons), coached Team Canada at 7 IPF World Bench Press Championships. In 2012 he coached the World Masters Bench Press Team to a 3rd place team award. This was the first bench press team award in the Canadian Powerlifting Union history. He has coached numerous athletes to national titles in both 3-lift Powerlifting and Bench Press. Current athletes that Michael coaches have held 2 World Records, 5 Commonwealth Records, 22 National Records and over 60 Provincial Records.

Come train with some of the world's best Powerlifters under one of the world's best Powerlifting coaches.

JUMP Clinics

Our force plate technology measures over 50 different aspects of your jump in just 0.2 seconds

JUMP higher.
JUMP more explosively.
Reduce injuries.
Build confidence and intimidate opponents.

We offer jump analysis and customized training programs in our one and two-day clinics to help you add power, inches, and intensity to your game every time your feet leave the floor.

To learn more about our JUMP testing technology, please visit our testing page here.

NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Clinic

Coach Michael Souster (Msc., Bkin (Hon)) is one of two accredited Coach Developers in Alberta. New to weightlifting or looking to expand your coaching abilities. This is the clinic for you. This two-day clinic will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experiencce in the world of coaching and Olympic Weightlifting. NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Clinic Date: TBD.