Applying Science to Sport

Coach Michael Souster has invested close to $200,000 in Peak Power's State-of-the-art exercise physiology lab, It is arguably the best-equipped in western Canada.

It features technology that allows us to perform metabolic and physiological testing, including VO2max, Anaerobic Threshold, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Wingate, Critical Power, and Body Composition. 

We have conducted thousands of tests under our roof, and our testing knowledge and our experience at Peak Power is unmatched. Our highly skilled testers provide reliable and accurate testing results every time.

Gold Standard Technology

Parvo Truemax 2400 Metabolic Cart

At the center of our lab is the Parvo Truemax 2400 Metabolic Cart, the gold standard in exercise physiology testing. Peak Power is the only private facility in Western Canada open to the general public for exercise physiology testing.

When you train, the physiological processes in your body all have a serious impact on the effectiveness of your training,. Understand how your body is using oxygen at the cellular level, how you are expending carbon dioxide, burning carbs and creating lactate acids.

VO2Max testing best way to determine your body's response to exercise and identify your training zones. 

This data allows us to predict the individual training zones to optimize caloric expenditure and fitness gains during your own workouts. 

Hawkins Dynamics Force Plates

Our force plate technology measures over 50 different aspects of your jump in just 0.2 seconds

Jump higher, more explosively, reduce injuries, build confidence and intimidate opponents.

We offer jump analysis, customized training programs and one- and two-day clinics to help you add power, inches and intensity to your game every time your feet leave the floor.

The Hawkins Dynamics Force Plate system allows our coaches to gather data from plyometric movements in an instant. Primarily an injury prevention and rehabilitation tool, the force plates allow us to measure limb asymmetry and how it pertains to performance. This allows to measure takeoff forces and force production, as well as impact during landing to make sure that your jump is optimal.


The Velotron is a computer-controlled cycle ergometer that measures all the important variables  including heart rate, power, cycling speed, leg speed, distance travelled, and biomechanical efficiency. 

Through it's design, it simulates outdoor riding better than other cycle ergometers, providing more meaningful results for the avid cyclist. Together with the Parvo Metabolic Cart, the highest standard is used when performing VO2max tests.


Dartfish is an advanced video analysis software program that provides our staff with the ability to take precise biomechanical measurements of our clients. With this information, we can provide immediate or post-training feedback in regards to exercise techniques and training efficiency. 


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