Learn: how to train safely, effectively and efficiently
Train: with a program designed to meet the demands of your sport
Gain: confidence; speed, strength and power

Our Vision…

To be recognized as Canada’s Leader in Applied Exercise Science.

Our Mission Statement…

Peak Power Sport Development is a team of educated and visionary industry leaders dedicated to delivering innovative training based on gold-standard physiological testing. Individuals on the Peak Power team are adaptive, clear thinking and responsible professionals that both work and play hard, and hold the success of each other and the company ahead of their personal successes.  

Through the use of cutting edge exercise science, technology and a winning spirit, our products and services will be unmatched and provide the most effective training methodologies available.

Peak Power Sport Development clients are individuals, teams or organizations of all abilities and active goals that hold the desire to have our team empower them to take their training and health to new heights and ignite their passion to achieve. Our team is dedicated and driven towards helping our clients strive towards excellence and it is our expectation that our clients return this commitment towards Peak Power Sport Development. They will be forward thinking, willing to learn, and be willing to work as a team player in their journey towards fulfilling their goals.

Peak Power Sport Development will always work in conjunction with those who believe they are in competition with us and we will strive to be honest and respected amongst our industry peers.

Our services are coach led and individually driven towards greatness.