Testing and Talent Identification
Peak Power has been working in conjunction with Matt Price, Sport Science Director of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, over the last 9 years. Peak Power has provide the Alberta Provincial Teams with year round testing and training at our facility for the past 5 years. 

Off-season Training
Off-season conditioning is major component of developing Alpine skiers into competitive athletes. Peak Power is proud to be the official coaches of the Alberta Provincial Alpine Ski Team and Development Team. We have also worked with the Lake Louise Ski Club and the Sunshine Ski Club. Other prestigious ski clubs that train with our company include the National Alpine Training Centre, Edmonton Alpine Ski Association, Banff Alpine Racers, Kananaskis Ski Club, Nakiska Alpine Ski Association and Panorama Ski Club. The off-season programs consist of developmentally appropriate training for adolescent and young adult skiers. We use our extensive knowledge of working with athletes of all ages to develop stronger, more stable and agile skiers. 

We can customize a program to suit your needs and budget. Whether you are an individual or team that is interested in improving your physical strength for skiing, Peak Power is your choice for training. Please contact us for further information on our Alpine Ski programs.



This is the 11th year of our cycling program. The main focus is to offer the cyclist, triathlete and mountain biker a complete model for off-season training. The spin sessions incorporate proven techniques for increasing cycling power and endurance. A testing package (VO2max + Body Composition) can be added to optimize your results.

The 16 week program will begin in late fall and space is limited to 15 participants per class to ensure ample coaching and feedback. Please see our Endurance Programs guide for more information. Take your off-season training to a new level!



The focus of our golf program is to offer a complete training package for the committed golfer. Sport specific physical evaluations, athletic strength training and core movements are the major components of the program. We believe the most important piece of equipment in golf is the human body! Our off-season program is for golfers of all ages and skill levels, both male and female.

Peak Power is proud to be affiliated with The Calgary Golf Guide and the Titleist Performance Institute.


Let us teach you how to get faster!

With the use of the Woodway Force Resisted and Curved Treadmills, you are the motor that moves the treadmill.  Speed Training is also combined with live video feedback to improve proper running mechanic development.

Introduction to Speed Mechanics

In this small group training program, the athlete will receive specific coach and video feedback on the foundations of sprinting mechanics. The athlete will learn the proper mechanics of acceleration, transition, and top speed running.



Peak Power trains a variety of athletes, including athletes in MMA, Wrestling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, marathon, and endurance athletes. No matter what you may be interested in, we can help!

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