Alex Hague

Alex is originally from Edmonton, where he started wrestling from age 13. He continued on to wrestle for the University of Alberta Golden Bears for the duration of his Kinesiology undergraduate degree, as well as a brief stint on the U20 Canadian Team. Alex had originally went to University with no clear career aspirations, and enrolled in the Faculty of Arts just so that he could continue wrestling full time. After being introduced to Olympic Weightlifting through the team's strength sessions, he was hooked and transferred to the Faculty of Kinesiology to pursue a career in strength and conditioning. Alex has a passion for developing athletes as critical thinkers and problem solvers so that they can evaluate their own training and point themselves down the path they want to travel. 

Most recently, Alex has been competing in both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting, while occasionally dropping into local wrestling tournaments and lying to himself about still having decent cardio.