Gold Standard Technology



The Velotron is a computer controlled cycle ergometer that provides the highest accuracy in grade and repeatability. Through it's design, it simulates outdoor riding better than other cycle ergometers, providing more meaningful results for the avid cyclist. Together with the Parvo Metabolic Cart, the highest standard is used when performing VO2max tests.



Dartfish is an advanced video analysis software program that provides our staff with the ability to take precise biomechanical measurements of our clients. With this information, we can provide feedback in regards to exercise technique and training efficiency. Peak Power utilizes this software in testing and training sessions.



The Woodway is the finest treadmill ever built and Peak Power utilizes it for sport performance and power training. The Woodway allows our staff to measure the vertical and horizontal forces that the runner exerts when they are pulling/pushing a given load. Our staff also utilizes this equipment for the development of proper running mechanics and speed training.

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