Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA)

COST: $150.00 + GST

The MPA is a series of static and dynamic functional tests used to identify and quantify imbalances in active movement patterns that are key to normal function.

This system...

  • identifies movement inefficiency potentially causing wasted or unnecessary energy expenditure
  • enhances the effectiveness of the training program and tracks improvements

There are no gimmicks, fads or trends; just appropriately designed training programs. This screen utilizes Dartfish technology and is only available at Peak Power.

Increase your performance and reduce your risk of injury by...

  • identifying muscular imbalances around major joints.
  • identifying and quantifying movement limitations.
  • identifying the symptoms of Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome.

How can individuals benefit from an MPA?

  • Following Physiotherapy / Chiropractic Rehabilitation
  • If they live a sedentary lifestyle
  • At the initiation an exercise program
  • To supplement a current exercise program
  • If they are training for recreational, developmental and competitive events / activities

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