Our sliding sports program is designed for all athletes of all levels, Development to Elite. Periodized yearly training plans integrating strength training and Olympic lifting, speed training, plyometrics and Push specific training into a proven program. 


Our sliding sports program is designed for all levels of athletes, Development to Elite. Periodized yearly training plans integrating strength training and Olympic lifting, speed training, plyometrics and Push specific training into a proven program. 

Elite Sliding Training Group

Cost: $340+GST/month 11 Month Commitment April-Feb.

The Elite training group is semi-private and is coached daily through an annual plan (11 month program) that encompasses all training aspects for the competitive sliding athlete.  General preparation phase in the spring (April-May) that transitions into the specific preparation phase that runs through the summer (June-Sept). Customized peaking and tapering plans to prepare athletes for testing camps, push camps and racing season (Sept.-Oct). In-season plans to prepare you to last the season and peak for important races (Nov.-Feb.).

Elite Sliding Training Group members get a Peak Power Package with a hoody, gym bag, Tuque, T-shirt, body comp analysis, physical testing.

This Elite training group operates 10am-1pm At the Peak Power Training Facility on the SAIT Campus, Foothills Track, Icehouse and other training locations to best suit the session.

*Non-annual training rates available (April, May, Oct, $350+GST/month. SPP June, July, August, September $500+GST/month, In-season Nov-Feb. $175+GST/month)

Sliding Strength Training Group

Cost: $275+GST/month

Sliding sport specific Strength and Power program in the 4-7pm group training block at the Peak Power Facility on the SAIT Campus.  Improve in Olympic weightlifting exercises, develop more power through Plyometric training. Increase whole body strength and size through proper training and template design that fits into an annual periodized plan specific to sliding sports. 



Sliding Speed Training

Cost: $250+GST/month

Speed training program that brings athletes through general physical preparation to specific sprint and push training and peaking phases to maximize speed at testing camps and races. Daytime sessions 10:00-11:30 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday (location varies, foothills track, Icehouse, turf field).



Online Programming available

Cost: $150+GST/month

Customized Bobsleigh and Skeleton Starts and Strength programs tailored to your sliding season/schedule. All phases of yearly training plan including speed and strength programs.  Proven plans for all levels of athletes.


Coach: Rob Gray BKin, CSCS, NCCP Weightlifting Coach. Starts and Strength coach for the Canadian National Bobsleigh and Skeleton team on the World Cup and World Championships for 3 Seasons (2011, 2015, 2016). He was also a National Team Bobsledder for 5 years and Canadian Champion 2009. Competed at two World Championships St. Moritz, Switzerland 2007 and Lake Placid, Ney York 2011. Previous athletic experience in Olympic weightlifting, member of the BC Team and 2 time medalist at Canadian National Championships in Heavyweight category.

For More Information e-mail: rob@sportdevelopment.com



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